The first section of the residential complex A52 completed work on the installation of internal engineering networks for water supply and sewerage, storm sewer and ventilation. Vertical risers of heating are mounted. According to the planned schedule, work on power supply is underway.

The installation of PVC windows constructions was started, for which the Streamline Salamander energy-efficient five-chamber profile with high performance was selected. The two-chamber glass unit with a warm, distant frame is made of a multi-functional glass made by Guardian, which provides a comfortable microclimate all year round and a balanced combination of sunscreen and heat-saving.

The laying of walls and internal partitions of floors is completed by 96%. Brick masonry is done on the roof. Work began on the device of lightning protection and fire-prevention systems of the first section and the device of the roof.

The waterproofing of the parking design of the first section is carried out. Work is carried out on the installation of vertical monolithic structures of parking of the first section. Completed works on the device for piles of the second section. Earthing works for the installation of gutters of the second section and the waterproofing of structures before.

Photos from the construction site are available in thegallery.

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