At the first section of the residential complex A52, according to the planned schedule, work is underway to install internal engineering networks for water supply and sewerage, as well as electricity. The work on the installation of brickwork on the front part is finished, PVC window constructions are made. The masonry of walls and internal partitions is carried out on all floors of the section.

The works on the construction of piles and grillage frames of the excavation of the pit of the parking of the first section are completed. Work continues on the construction of the grounds for the parking of the first section: excavation work and waterproofing of the pile structures were performed. Finished work on the construction of bored piles fencing pit of the second stage of the residential complex. Work has begun on the installation of waterproofing and grillage of the foundation pit. Completely carried out the removal of engineering networks, falling into the building spot. The tests of the soils of the second section with full-scale piles were successfully completed. Work has begun on the construction of a pit.

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