Class A

Class A is an innovative concept of energy-efficient housing, which combines the main advantages of residential real estate business segment, as well as rational advantages of premium class.

Class is this


In the central or historical part of the city with a developed transport and commercial infrastructure

Class A Energy Efficiency

Reinforced insulation of the house, windows with energy-saving properties, LED lighting of public areas

New level of comfort

designer lobby with seating area, concierge service, roof terrace, underground parking


high-quality building materials: ceramic brick, mineral wool insulation

integrated video surveillance system

in all areas of the RC: a comprehensive video surveillance system, access control in elevators and floors

A unique design

an individual project in the architectural solution: author's expressive design outside and comfortable layouts inside


Prestigious location LCD "A52"

A52 is located in Sichovyh Striltsiv Street (Artema Street) – in the historical and business center of Kiev, near the ancient Podol and the main street of the capital, Khreshchatyk. The developed transport and social infrastructure, the proximity of famous cultural attractions and popular entertainment facilities will allow you to constantly be aware of the main events of the capital.

In A52 all the advantages of a developed infrastructure are palpable. WIthin the walking distance - the metro, green areas and many fascinating cultural sites. Nearby there is everything that is necessary for a comfortable life for the whole family. Within 1 km:

5 medical institutions

4 schools

5 kindergartens

1 lyceum

A52 is the highest class in energy efficiency

Special parameters of the facade, roof, windows, high-quality engineering equipment – all this will allow to maintain a comfortable microclimate in the house throughout the year. LED-lighting and the presence of motion sensors in public areas, the maintenance of elevators with optimized power consumption will significantly reduce energy consumption.

A52 is one of the few residential complexes in Kiev, which are characterized by a high level of energy efficiency

Ventilated facade systems made of ceramic granite

160 mm thick mineral wool

Inter-apartment walls: 2 rows of brickwork and mineral wool layer 50 mm thick

Aluminum warm profile with 2-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows in apartments

Convectors and radiators with thermoregulators in apartments

Heat meters for each apartment

Elevators with optimized energy consumption

Ultra-efficient LED lighting

Motion Sensors in Common Areas

Warm facade

Enhanced thermal insulation of facades and high-quality energy-efficient windows installed in apartments, will significantly reduce energy costs associated with heating and air conditioning use, and will enable to maintain a comfortable climate all year round. The thickness of the high-quality mineral wool used to heat the facade is 160 mm. For comparison – in business-class homes, this indicator rarely exceeds 120 mm, and in the premium segment - 150 mm.

Energy efficient windows

Window constructions consist of warm aluminum profiles preserving heat in apartments and restraining cold, and 2-chamber windows with energy-saving properties.

Ultra-efficient LED lighting

The use of LED lamps and motion sensors in public places also contributes to a significant optimization of energy costs. Unlike the use of conventional incandescent lamps, the savings will be up to 80%.

Class A energy-efficient elevators

5 elevators of the famous Finnish brand Kone, model MonoSpace will be exploited in the house . They are characterized by Class A energy efficiency and will reduce energy costs by 25%, in comparison with the best previous developments of the manufacturer.

New level of comfort

In the A52 there will always be an opportunity to really relax from a busy day, even if neighbors have a noisy party. Inter-apartment walls, consisting of 2 rows of brickwork and a layer of mineral wool, will provide perfect sound insulation in each apartment.
Comfort outside and inside, in every detail is an integral part of the residential property of Class A. At the disposal of all residents of the A52 are a lounge-terrace on the roof of the house, a spacious designer lobby with reception and a seating area, a 24-hour concierge service, underground parking with terminals for recharging electric vehicles.
Lounge area

Lounge area

Panoramic views of Kyiv from a bird's eye view - this is an essential attribute of A52 RC. They can be enjoyed every day, even if your own apartment is on the 2nd floor. It takes about 30 seconds to ride the elevator - and you are on the roof with excellent conditions for a pleasant stay: comfortable sofas and armchairs, Wi-Fi Internet access and a unique atmosphere of the city.
Lobby with reception

Lobby with reception

The cozy lounge-zone, which is a part of the extensive designer’s hall, will give a feeling of absolute comfort. Here, residents and their guests can always sit comfortably on soft sofas or armchairs to wait for a taxi or just to rest. A friendly concierge will offer you some coffee, and light, pleasant music will create an atmosphere of relaxation. To make the use of a personal smartphone or tablet as convenient as possible - high-speed Wi-Fi is available in the lobby.
concierge service

concierge service

Even in the unrestrained rhythm of a metropolis, life can be harmonious and calm, when it is possible to entrust a part of everyday affairs to experienced assistants. Residents of A52 RC will be offered a wide range of concierge service available at any time of the day. This will free up valuable time for more meaningful deeds or desired rest!
Underground parking

Underground parking

In the A52 underground parking guard will be on duty around the clock, and also complex video surveillance will be provided. Favorite car will be safe under the supervision of professionals in their field. Especially for connoisseurs of ultra-modern eco-friendly vehicles, there is an infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles in the parking.

High-quality building materials

The A52 creates the most favorable conditions for living. High-quality materials, mostly of natural origin,are used during the construction of the house
All external and internal walls are built of ceramic bricks, which are made from natural clay. The basis of high-quality mineral wool, with which the facade is insulated, is a natural stone. The process of manufacturing mineral wool is like a volcanic eruption. The stone acquires the consistency of lava in the oven at the 1500° C, and then, under the influence of strong air flows inside the centrifuge, turns into strong fibers. It is from these that soft stone slabs are further formed.


Круглосуточная охрана территории, система комплексного видеонаблюдения, контроль доступа к лифтам и на этажи, наличие «тревожной кнопки» у консьержа – все это гарантирует жителям жилого комплекса «А52» высокий уровень безопасности.

«А52» отличается усиленной системой безопасности. На территории жилого комплекса круглосуточно будет дежурить охрана. Также будет обеспечено комплексное видеонаблюдение в холлах, в лифтах, в паркинге и релакс-зоне, обустроенной на крыше. Предусмотрен контроль доступа к лифтам и на все этажи. Гости и обслуживающий персонал смогут попасть в дом только с согласия жителей. Для дополнительной безопасности в зоне рецепции будет установлено «тревожную кнопку».

Уникальность архитектры

Уникальность «А52» подтверждается как внешне, так и внутри. Респектабельный вид здания прекрасно подчеркивают панорамные окна в сочетании с навесным фасадом, выполненным из высококачественного керамогранита. Более 25 уникальных планировок позволят с легкостью выбрать квартиру своей мечты.

Достаточно один раз посетить жилой комплекс «А52», чтобы полностью оценить его уникальность. Респектабельный вид здания прекрасно подчеркивают панорамные окна в сочетании с навесным фасадом, выполненным из высококачественного керамогранита, а разнообразие планировок позволит с легкостью выбрать для себя наилучший вариант.

Над проектом дома работали лучшие из лучших. Воплощение смелых архитектурных идей и проектных решений является очередным достижением специалистов архитектурной компании AVN Capital, которая входит в состав группы компаний DIM. Неповторимый почерк профессионалов чувствуется в каждой детали!

More than 25 unique layouts to please everyone


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