18. 02. 2019

Construction progress for January 2019

Section 1 Finishing works in common areas 6 and 11 completed. Finishing works in the lobby. Installation of a passenger-and-freight elevator ends. We started the installation of two passenger elevators. Installation of balcony fence elements, ventilated facade fragments and aluminum structures. Work has begun on the device exterior lighting of the facade of the building. Installation of cable routes for power supply and fire-fighting systems. Section 2 Started work on the waterproofing of the roof. The work on the installation of masonry walling and interior walls has been completed. Installation of aluminum structures, Salamander windows and ventilated facade system structures. Parking and external networks Work on the connection of the external water supply network to the house on the construction site. The work of the internal water supply, sewage, fire extinguishing systems in the parking lot has been completed. We started laying the K2.K1 networks and started the installation of the ITP equipment and the building’s water supply. We continue work on dispatch.

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