Section 1
Decoration works in the lobby and on floors are in progress;
decoration works on floors 6–15 are completed;
the laying of a tile on the floor on floors 6–15 is completed;
the installation of a cargo elevator is completed; works on the installation of two passenger elevators are completed;
the installation of the elements of the fence of balconies, fragments of the ventilated facade and aluminum constructions are in progress;
external lighting installation of the facade of the building and cable connection electricity supply system rise installation, electricity supply to flats and fire-fighting systems installation are in progress;
the installation of entrance doors and door engineering services on floors 5–17 is completed;
the installation of waterproofing of the roof is underway is in progress;
installation of aluminum doors on cold transitions is completed.

Section 2
The works on the waterproofing of the roof, as well as works on the brickwork of the enclosing structures and internal walls are completed;
the installation of aluminum structures, window systems and ventilated facade system structures are in progress;
dilutions on the floor of the heating and water supply networks on the 4–9th floors are completed;
the work on the installation of fire-fighting systems;
the installation of smoke control valves on the floor are in progress;
parking and external networks are in progress.

Parking and external networks
Installation of parking ventilation is completed;
works on connecting the external water supply network to the house on the construction site are in progress;
the work of the internal water supply, sewerage, fire extinguishing systems in the parking lot was completed;
the construction of external networks of centralized water supply, drainage and sewage systems are in progress;
the installation of equipment for pumping stations and individual heat points has been started;
the finishing of the technical premises of the parking lot are in progress;
transformer substation is built;
tower crane is dismantled.

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